SICPP 2017: Evening concerts announced!

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All concerts at 8pm and in Jordan Hall, unless otherwise noted.

Sunday, June 18

Georg Friedrich Haas:  Hommage à Josef Matthias Hauer (1982)

Stephen Drury, piano

Helmut Lachenmann:  Serynade (1998)

Stephen Drury, piano

Frederic Rzewski: The Fall of The Empire (Prolog)  (2007)

Stuart Gerber, voice and percussion

text by Thomas Jefferson

Daniel Felsenfeld:  Presidential Address (2017)

Jennifer Ashe, soprano;  Christina Wright, piano

text by Donald Trump

Peter Garland: Numbnut (2015)   –  first performance

William Winant, percussion

text by Albert Saijo

Monday, June 19

David Fulmer: Only in darkness is thy shadow clear (2017)  – first performance

Rand Steiger: Post-truth Lament (2017) – first performance

Stephen Drury, Yukiko Takagi, piano

Scott Deal:  Goldstream Variations

Franziska Huhn, harp; Scott Deal, percussion; John Mallia, electronics

Georg Friedrich Haas:  Phantasien for clarinet and viola

Gleb Kanasevich, clarinet;  Samuel Kelder, viola

Luciano Berio: Naturale

Kim Kashkashian, viola; William Winant, percussion

* Rand Steiger’s and David Fulmer’s works were commissioned by the Tanglewood Music Center and the Callithumpian Consort with additional funding provided by Jeffrey Duryea

Tuesday, June 20

Georg Friedrich Haas:  Finale (2004)

Rachel Beetz, flute

Jo Kondo: Dandelion-Clock-Work (2008) for two pianos tuned a quarter-tone apart

Stephen Drury, Yukiko Takagi, piano

György Kurtág: Jozsef Attila Fragments (1981-82)

Jennifer Ashe, soprano

Karlheinz Stockhausen:  Kontakte (1960)

Stuart Gerber, percussion;  Stephen Drury, piano

Wednesday, June 21

Jocelyn Morlock: Corybantic

Corey Hamm, piano

Nicholas Vines: The Law of the Tongue

Stephanie Skor, Gabriel Boyers, violin

Samuel Kelder, viola; Stephen Marotto, cello

Georg Friedrich Haas: Hommage à György Ligeti (1984)

Stephen Drury, piano

Georg Friedrich Haas: tria ex uno (2001)

The Callithumpian Consort

Thursday, June 22

Georg Friedrich Haas:  Lampedusa (2011)

Jennifer Ashe, Nina Guo, soprano

Georg Friedrich Haas: Hommage à Steve Reich (1982)

Stephen Drury, piano

Julian Anderson:  String Quartet No. 2   300 Weinachtslieder (2014)

Gabriela Díaz, Lilit Hartunian, violin;

Ashleigh Gordon, viola; David Russell, ‘cello

Georg Friedrich Haas: Introduktion und Transsonation  (2012)

    the Callithumpian Consort

Friday, June 23

Vinko Globokar: Terres brûlées, ensuite…

Andrew Steinberg, saxophone; Ashley Zhang, piano;

Stuart Gerber, percussion

Georg Friedrich Haas: “aus freier Lust… verbunden…”

the Callithumpian Consort

Georg Friedrich Haas: de terrae fine  (2001)

Gabriela Díaz, violin

Charles Ives: Three Quarter-tone Pieces (1923)

Stephen Drury, Yukiko Takagi, piano


Saturday, June 24th – 4pm in Brown Hall

the infamous SICPP Iditarod
hours and hours of the best of modern music!

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