MARCH 9 – Cardew & Stockhausen

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Karlheinz Stockhausen, from Natural Durations (2005-2006)
Yukiko Takagi, piano

  • Natural Duration 15
  • Natural Duration 20
  • Natural Duration 21
  • Natural Duration 24

Cornelius Cardew, Treatise (1963-1967)
Stephanie Skor, Alexis Lanz, Philipp Staeudlin, Vic Rawlings, Roger Miller, Stephen Marotto, Luke Moldof, Jeffrey Means, Gary Wallen, John Andress, Christopher Moore


2016-03 yukiko

Callithumpian Consort presents two monolithic works of the English and German avant garde:

Yukiko Takagi will perform four of Stockhausen’s “Natural Duration” works. Those of you who attended SICPP 2014 certainly remember guest artist Nino Jvania’s arresting performance of the full cycle. (You can watch her perform Natural Duration 10 on YouTube.)


Between this evening and the In-and-Out concerts, March is the month for graphic notation! Cornelius Cardew’s Treatise is 193 pages of beautiful, swirling musical notation. The Block Museum’s website has a fascinating introduction to the piece and its notation on their website (Adobe Flash required).


Click to learn more about the Stockhausen and about the Cardew!

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