Lei Liang: Tremors of a Memory Chord

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Lei Liang: Tremors of a Memory Chord

Chamber and Orchestral Music


Verge (10:38)

Aural Hypothesis (9:42)

Five Seasons (17:27)

Tremors of a Memory Chord (18:00)


Palimpset Ensemble • Steven Schick
Callithumpian Consort • Stephen Drury
Wu Man, Pipa • Shanghai Quartet
Pi-hsien Chen, Piano • Taipei Chinese Orchestra • En Shao


Chinese-born American Lei Liang’s intercontinentally inspired work has been described as ‘hauntingly beautiful’ (The New York Times) and ‘brilliantly original and inarguably gorgeous’ (The Washington Post). “Verge” is a musical amulet for Liang’s new-born son Albert, while “Aural Hypothesis” explores how calligraphic lines can find expression in sound. Both “Five Seasons” and “Tremors of a Memory Chord” bring together Chinese and Western instruments to create fascinating sonorities, from an evocative single pipa to the unique richness of a grand Chinese orchestra.

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