FEB 18 – world premieres by Roger Miller & Davide Ianni

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  • Roger Miller: SCREAM, GILGAMESH, SCREAM for chamber ensemble, soprano and baritone PREMIERE
    • Nina Guo, soprano
    • Brian Church, baritone
  • Paul Hembree: Apocryphal Chrysopoeia (Cellular Automata Study No. 7)
    • Paul Hembree, electronics
  • Roger Reynolds: A Mind of Winter (Seasons Id)
  • Davide Ianni: Beneath the music from a farther room for solo double bass PREMIERE
    • David Goodchild, bass



From Roger Clark Miller:

“Scream, Gilgamesh, Scream” is a setting of the ancient Sumerian “Epic of Gilgamesh”, approximately 2100 B.C. Gilgamesh, King of Uruk, encounters the wild man Enkidu.  After wrestling, they become close friends.  They embark on an adventure to kill the monster Humbaba for the glory of Uruk, and by extension, themselves.  This leads to battling another monster, the Bull of Heaven, which is sent by the Goddess Ishtar after they refuse her amorous advances.  The Gods decide Enkidu must die for killing those monsters, and in his despair, Gilgamesh goes on a doomed quest for eternal life.  Gods and Monsters abound, and this is reflected in the music.  This highly rhythmic composition is in direct contrast to Miller’s other works based on natural phenomena, which are meditative and abstract.  You are welcome to scream at any time during this performance.

From Paul Hembree:

Apocryphal Chrysopoeia is a generative, synesthetic, virtual instrument that allows a computer music performer to explore a space of light and sound simultaneously.  A columnar structure of forty-eight cells, represented visually by light-producing geometric primitives and sonically by synthesized tones, forms the conceptual core of this virtual instrument.  When activated, a cell produces both light and sound.  During improvisations with this instrument, the computer musician is assisted by a rudimentary musical artificial intelligence, in the form of a cellular automaton, which controls the local interaction of cells.

From Roger Reynolds:

SEASONS is a cycle of eight shorter works in two groups of four. Each is a trio with an additional performer who acts as a commentator: either a computer musician or a vocalist. Both cyclical and progressive influences are present, providing for connectivity and flexibility, while insuring change. The subjects of the cycle are the four stages of human life (infancy, youth, maturity, age) in relation to the four stages of weather during a year (spring, summer, autumn, winter).

“Reading through a range of poets – Stevens, Frost, Ashbery, Coleridge, Milosz, Borges – I searched for pertinent passages, absorbing the characteristics they associated with each of my seasonal types. Copying out those passages that stuck me, I looked for convergences among them. There were some surprises, but what I eventually distilled in each case felt convincing.


  1. Winter into 2016… | Roger Clark Miller says:

    December 29th, 2015at 5:55 pm(#)

    […] Thursday, Feb.18, SCREAM, GILGAMESH, SCREAM will be performed at Jordan Hall at the New England Conservatory by The Callithumpian Consort, with Miller playing the electric guitar part. Miller completed the last four bars to his take on the Epic of Gilgamesh in October 2015, and will be honing the final details of the score into early January.  The composition is for Baritone and Soprano voice, piano, two percussionists, electric guitar, synthesizer bass, alto saxophone, French Horn, Bass Clarinet, two violins, viola, ‘cello.  Rock smashes into classical music and Edgard Varese would likely be amused. Miller is simultaneously working on The Davis Square Symphony.  The Fall season footage was re-shot this November, and editing 4/5 hours worth of video down to 25 minutes has begun.  Once the editing is complete the next step is composing and orchestration for full orchestra.   Performance will happen mid-June in Hodgkins-Curtin Park in Davis Square, Somerville.                                                                                               Gilgamesh and Enkidu slay Humbaba. […]

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