Eliza Brown: Effusion

Published in Music Incubator, New Works

Eliza Brown: Effusion (2010)


Effusion: unrestrained expression of words or feelings
– Webster’s Dictionary

Featuring an extroverted, virtuosic, and overtly expressive solo viola part (Karina Fox, soloist), Effusion projects many moods and textures in a short space of time. A series of eight pitch fields derived from spectral analysis of individual notes played on the viola cycle throughout the piece. At almost all times, one of these pitch fields is expressed as a continuous ascending or descending scale by at least one of the instruments. These scales occur in expanding and contracting tempi that complicate the score’s simple quarter-note meters. Although the viola begins the piece in clear opposition to the ensemble, a gradual proliferation of scales and tempi provides the basis for their union.

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