APR 20TH: Julius Eastman & SICPP 2016 commission

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Join us in Williams Hall for a FREE concert featuring Julius Eastman’s monolithic cello dectet, and two works commissioned by the Callithumpian Consort: one of Lee Hyla’s last works, and our SICPP 2016 commissioned composer, Charles Halka!


  • Charles Halka: “Potato Face Blind Man” (SICPP 2016 commission)
    • Thea Lobo (mezzo-soprano), Hye-Won Suh (flute), Stephanie Skor (violin), Sam Kelder (viola), David Goodchild (bass), Aaron Trant (percussion), Franziska Huhn (harp)
  • Julius Eastman: “The Holy Presence of Joan d’Arc” (1981)
    • Nitzan Gal, Francesca McNeeley, Chava Appiah, Iva Casián Lakoš, Magali Toy, David Russell, John Lee, Suebin Jin, Jieun Kim, Christopher Hwang (cello)
  • Lee Hyla: “Migración” (2013)
    • Thea Lobo (mezzo-soprano), Hye-Won Suh (flute), Brittnee Pool (clarinet), Gleb Kanasevich (bass clarinet), Aaron Trant (percussion), Franziska Huhn (harp), Yukiko Takagi (piano), Stephanie Skor (violin), Sam Kelder (viola), David Russell (cello)
  • Elliott Carter: “Trilogy” (1992)
    • Mary O’Keefe (oboe), Hope Wilk (harp)
  • Christian Wolff, “Exercise #5” (2013)
    • Steven Long (piano), Dominique Kim (flute), Luke Fieweger (bassoon), Ross Wightman (bass), Jonathan Starks (percussion)


Potato Face Blind Man

There was a Potato Face Blind Man used to play an accordion on the Main Street corner

nearest the post office in the Village of Liver-and-Onions.

Any Ice Today came along and said, “It looks like it used to be an 18 carat gold accordion

with rich pawnshop diamonds in it; it looks like it used to be a grand accordion once

and not so grand now.”

“Oh, yes, oh, yes, it was gold all over on the outside,” said the Potato Face Blind Man,

“and 42 there was a diamond rabbit next to the handles on each side, two diamond


“How do you mean diamond rabbits?” Any Ice Today asked.

“Ears, legs, head, feet, ribs, tail, all fixed out in diamonds to make a nice rabbit with his

diamond chin on his diamond toenails. When I play good pieces so people cry hearing

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