Adam Roberts: Leaf Metal

Published in Discography, Music Incubator

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Album Details

Adam Roberts: Leaf Metal

Arditti Quartet
Le Nouvel Ensemble Modern, Lorraine Vaillancourt cond.
Gabriela Diaz, violinist
Boston Conservatory Wind Ensemble, Eric Hewitt cond.
Benjamin Schwartz, cellist


1. Tangled Symmetries (9:43), for string quartet
Arditti Quartet

2. Strange Loops (11:14), for chamber orchestra & electronics
Le Nouvel Ensemble Moderne, Lorraine Vaillancourt cond.

3. Sinews (8:55), for violin
Gabriela Diaz, violin

4. Leaf Metal (15:43), for large wind ensemble
Boston Conservatory Wind Ensemble, Eric Hewitt cond.

5. Anakhtara (11:11), for cello
Benjamin Schwartz, cello


Award winning composer Adam Roberts has studied at Eastman, Harvard and in Vienna and currently teaches composition in Istanbul. His music is powerful and kinetic, filled with jagged twists and turns and a rich sense of harmony and texture. His first CD features music for chamber orchestra and electronics, a string quartet performed by the world-renowned Arditti Quartet, as well as a piece for large wind ensemble and solo works for violin and for cello. A brilliant peek into the imaginative mind of this exciting young compositional voice.

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